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Yvonne Stoppel
City Clerk
PO Box 175
Kanopolis, KS  67454


On November 11, 1866, Fort Ellsworth became Fort Harker, which was later to become the town of Kanopolis. Fort Harker was the distributing point for all military points farther west and one of the most important military stations west of the Missouri River.

Once Fort Harker was no longer needed as a military installation, it was sold and given the name of Kanopolis because it was envisioned as the "Central Metropolis" of the new state and in due time was to be its capitol. It was laid out to provide for a city of 150,00 people by the Kanopolis Land Company.

Kanopolis was incorporated January 6, 1887. "The Kanopolis Journal", a weekly newspaper of Kanopolis printed and distributed 50,000 sample copies that were sent back east to promote "The Future Great City" of central Kansas with an unequaled location and natural advantages. This issue dated May 24, 1890, told of two large hotels, a hardware store, roller mill, woolen mills, foundry and irons works, carriage works, an earthenware works, an elevator, the Union Pacific depot, three churches and a school.

Although Kanopolis did not reach the proportion that the early planners had hoped and worked for, the town has prospered through he years, Many of the early business places have disappeared and new ones have taken their places. We have a library and community center on the attractive park grounds. We also are the home of the Kanopolis Middle School "Bulldogs".

We invite you to come enjoy our hospitality during July for the annual "Fort Harker Days" and over Labor Day for the "St. Ignatius Fiesta". Both activities showcase the heritage of Kanopolis.