A New Addition (on my House)

I am so excited. I am getting a covered porch addition to my house. It has been in the works for ages and finally the time has come. I have communicated my priorities, accepted the estimate, okayed the plans and set the date. Soon it will be a reality. I can sit on a swing or lounge chair, whatever I decide to decorate the area with. Maybe both. I want a small table for my laptop and drink when I relax outside or do work in the shade. When guests are present, I have a foldup buffet table in the garage. I am converting my modest abode into a real resort.

I can have people over on this back porch because it won’t be tiny at all. At least a few friends and family can sip wine with me before dinner in the early evening. I will be able to accommodate twenty or more. It is the answer to my entertainment prayers. There is a great contractor in Ellsworth who gets accolades. Of course, he was my first choice. I saw examples of his work around town and quickly became convinced that he is the one. He understands design and not just practicality. Everything has to work together in harmony. The materials and colors will offset the look of my home perfectly. It will integrate beautifully he says and I believe him. The woodwork will match the frames on my windows and the flooring is a colorful and exotic tile. The project has a bit of hacienda feeling about it. It was my idea—after looking through dozens of home magazines. I can’t wait to top it all off with hanging plants or trailing vines. It will be lush and green, populated with pops of color.

One thing I have to mention is that one of my requests was to make space for a large outdoor television, after reading about it in Outdoor Light and Sound. This is something I have always wanted as I spend considerable time outside and. Only a diehard TV buff would make this kind of demand; but I don’t want to miss my favorite shows just because I long to sit gazing at the stars. Frankly, I don’t have time to go to On Demand a week later. People who do that find that the programs just keep accumulating until you are lost in a maze of missed episodes.

No, I want to watch when the show first airs and I don’t even know how to record one. I love the summer since it is the optimal time to have an outdoor TV lounge. It is a true open-air extension of the house, right off the family room. You are one minute ensconced on a sofa checking your emails and the next you are two feet away but in an entirely different realm. The TV will be mounted high on the exterior wall where there is sufficient empty space. You will be able to view it from almost any direction. It doesn’t matter since my chairs will be very mobile.