Being Neighborly

Here in Ellsworth, a supportive community, we are devoted to helping others no matter what the problem. Someone may need a volunteer to take an elderly person to the doctor or assist with house repair. If a family doesn’t have the means to handle a situation, they know who to call. We stand ready to roll especially in an emergency. There might be a roof leak, a broken garden sprinkler, an oil spill in the garage, or a front door lock that doesn’t work. Let’s say the hot water goes out after the water heater breaks. In no time flat, we assess the damages and replace the item. In most cases, if this happens with an old, rusty monster of a water heater, we find the best tankless water heater under our budget with funds from private donors. Many of them are local businesses. We are grateful for their concern.

Periodically, we have fairs, expos, and auctions with raffles, to raise funds for our town. All it takes is one person like you to start the ball rolling. You will immediately see people jumping on the band wagon. Charity is in their blood. I am a big advocate of the volunteer system so as to avoid taxing local services. They are busy enough. We have signs and receptacles in many walk-in shops on Main Street and you would be surprised at how many coins add up to real money. These displays remind people of our cause and they often call the phone number shown to donate more. The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts get into the picture as do various church groups. There is so much generosity although we can always use more. Get active in your community and feel the pride.

Since I mentioned the tankless water heating system, I should tell you that this kind of thing is often given to us by a friendly company, and it is nor for publicity. It is a selfless act. Not everything has a money motive. Otherwise, I would not be as optimistic as I am about my community. I know that I can count on my friends and neighbors when asked.

There are many things you can do if you do not have the excess funds yourself. You can ask people you know if you explain the cause and are ready to show proof of charitable status. You can have a bake sale at the local high school or park. Participating friends will likely donate more than a cake or pie. You can also sell scrap metal collected on a neighborhood hunt. Kids will be happy to participate. Tell them it is a kind of cleanup campaign. They get the picture at a very young age. Get creative about fundraising and brainstorm ideas with friends and family. Think of a garage sale full of fun and practical items such as tools, appliances, used clothing and shoes. You can also have a softball tournament. Games always bring out the donors. The point is to do something.