Breaking Up With the Snooze Button

I have a recurring dream that I don’t wake up in the morning and miss the most important day of my life. I am to receive an award from the Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce and am the first woman to win this coveted prize. Since I am not present, the Chamber decides that I cannot have it and they give it to the second runner up. The press rallies around this person and snaps a million photos for the online newspaper. Congratulations are extensive but there is no mention of my name. I am devastated and suffer many sleepless nights, making my morning ritual even harder.

This dream is a real nightmare and seems so horribly real. I finally wake up, of course, but then I hit the snooze button and go back to sleep. I don’t get another chance. I tell my story to friends and family and no one cares. The dream goes on and on. At the end, I am told it is my own fault and that I should have bought a proper alarm.

Everyone laughs and assures me this scenario could never happen. The Chamber might well give me an award, but I wouldn’t have to be physically present. Everyone understands oversleeping and missing an important event. Nevertheless, I took the dream so seriously that I vowed to break up with the snooze button that very day. In addition, I am going right out to acquire a state of the art wake up light. If you don’t know what this is, let me clue you in. I was as ignorant as anyone until I went online and discovered the benefits at this web site. Such a device is the new way to get up naturally and gently without the blare of the radio or the regular beeping of a noisy alarm. It can be programmed to offer you nature sounds like birds chirping, a waterfall hitting the rocks, or ocean waves lapping ashore. It is one of the best inventions around.

This wonderful item has brought the wake up process into the modern era. No more grumpy mood greeting the new day. You can have any assortment of colored lights you like in several attractive alternating patterns. The best option is a simulated sunrise. It is glorious even though it is rather like being in a fantasyland. Studies show that people prefer this type of system to any other. These alarms are incredibly popular and even sync up with your cell phone for easy remote control. If you fall asleep watching TV, you can get up during the night and with one selection, you can choose the hour to arise.

The wake up light sits neatly on your bed nightstand and doesn’t take up much room. You just need to angle it correctly so that you have full view of the colors in the morning. It is best to close your drapes before bed.