Don’t Leave for Work Without It

I belong to the Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce to help promote this wonderful town and its emerging businesses. We also have a great many historical landmarks to tell you about. I obviously believe in community involvement and my duties as a citizen and resident. I hope you will do the same wherever you may live. It is very rewarding while it serves as a great networking resource. It fulfills many of my social needs. I meet people with whom I have a great deal in common plus a few more serious relationships. For a woman, this sure beats going to bars.

New members often ask my advice on a variety of topics. While it may seem a bit far afield, it was about caring for a leather business bag. I happen to own a very nice one and don’t leave home without it. I was carrying it the other day during a Chamber meeting and this particular question came up and I was the one to provide an experienced answer. The fellow admired my bag, even though I am a woman, and noted that he was in the market for a similar one. He wanted to know the brand, model, and price. He claimed that he would not copy me as that would be rude, but that he would look for something in the same vein – stylish, roomy, and professional. I was reluctant to give out all this personal information but was more than happen to mention how I cared for it, and also shared a great web page with him – This might help him decide if this was the right material for him in that it takes upkeep and maintenance. Women are more willing to make this effort, but he voiced the opinion that he could as it would be worth it. I agreed and offered that the bag was not new and had enjoyed a long life due to my routine cleaning and polishing. There are creams and pastes just for this purpose. A soft cloth is vital. If there are nicks and scratches, you will need some black shoe polish.

If you buy quality, it is automatically likely to last, but not necessarily. It depends on where you take it. If it is for work, I would expect at least ten years. If you drag it around during travel or go camping (not a great place for leather), it will wear out much sooner. Upkeep will prevent undue damage and it is highly recommended. All this fuss may deter some buyers, but the beautiful texture is more than worth it. Age doesn’t not detract from the skin but adds to its long-term appeal. It is akin to older cars that still had leather seats. They have cracks, but the effect is better than vinyl. You know it is real and not a synthetic. Sadly, they don’t use leather much anymore. Backpacks, however, are no problem but they are purchased mostly by successful business people.