Love My Dog, But…

How lucky I am to live in Ellsworth, “community of choice for business, leisure, and life.” I love our motto. People care about the town. Volunteers are abundant for city and cleanup. Branch Lake Public Forest gets a lot of interest. We also have vision projects so residents can share in creating the future. How farsighted they are. Many towns do not have this kind of local support. The town officials took surveys, conducted focus groups, and established goals. They ask, “what do you want Ellsworth to look like years from now?” They know it takes planning.

They also asked people to rank certain values such as having an authentic and vibrant Maine downtown, enjoying a safe community, and promoting growth opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs. I would add more dog parks and nature trails. You got it. I have a dog—one that I adore. I take him everywhere and hold him tight. Obviously, he is small. We can be seen on the streets of Ellsworth, both of us enjoying our daily constitutional.

Life is grand, but I must tell you a funny story. I had an appointment with a local business owner and given the way we are casual here, I took the silly pet along. I am not a daffy lady with a tote bag in which the dog dwells. I carry him with me from the car and set him down when I am at my destination. This time, I was wearing a black wool jacket. It shows lint as you can imagine. I didn’t think about white pet hair which is ten times worse. When the shop owner greeted me, he stared immediately at my front. I looked down and notices a rather large accumulation of hair. It looked like the dog had been shedding right on me. I was mortified and so embarrassed. I wonder what he thought.

I felt great anger toward my vacuum cleaner. It is not doing its job. There is too much pet hair in the house. I need a new machine for sure. Should it be a Bissell or a Hoover? They both are equal in my mind, so I will go with the best rated one at I like a canister unit with attachments. I demand that one be explicitly for pet hair. It has to even work on clothing!

I excused myself and rushed to the car. I could have taken off the jacket, but it was a bit cold. I reached in the backseat for the lint remover which is a simple roller covered with sticky tape. I smoothed it over the fabric and it take many sheets to get it clean. I couldn’t now leave the dog in the car, so I picked him up by his middle and put him under my right arm like a football. I returned to the meeting and it proceeded well despite the pet hair mishap.