Minor Setback

I am a do-gooder of sorts, always volunteering to help my community by supporting a cause. I feel it is my responsibility as a resident of a close-knit area. There is a group of us who are regularly on call. People know to contact me when they need help for a public event, and we have them quite often. This time, I was asked to distribute some pamphlets to publicize a street fair. Many local businesses were involved and I know many of the proprietors. Thus, I was glad to be part of promoting local enterprise. It means a lot to the locals as it boosts the economy.

There was only one problem. After walking around the region for hours and hours, my feet were killing me although I wore athletic shoes. They were old and the support was gone. I expected this, but I did not anticipate having neck and shoulder pain on top of sore feet. I hadn’t suffered from this ailment before so it had to be from the time on the street. I paused a lot to talk to people and the job took longer than expected. I didn’t mind because it was fun. Now what? I was supposed to continue handing out the pamphlets the next day per my agreement with the head of the street fair and I was worried that the pain would derail me and limit my activity. He would be disappointed if I backed out.

The obvious recourse was to get a neck and shoulder massage. A friend had recommended that I check out Higher Massage months ago but at the time, it didn’t strike me as an option.  As luck would have it, one of the fair’s sponsors was a day spa that offered every kind of pampering service such as a manicure, pedicure, facial, and full-body massage. I went for the upper area, the locus of my pain, and the feet. I would kill two birds with one stone. It was the perfect solution. One hour later, I was back on my feet and ready to go out for the night with the other volunteers. I would have no problem resuming my pamphlet delivery in the morning. All was well with the world and back to normal. When duty calls, I want to be there!

I have to recommend massage to my blog readers because it was so extraordinary and no ordinary run-of-the-mill experience. The masseur had magic hands. I knew this although it was my first time. He went deep enough to loosen the muscles, but was also gentle where needed. The combination was just right. His experience was apparent. I had a new best friend. Ha! I had a minor setback and could now resume helping Ellsworth thanks to him. Not only did it help me out in a pinch, but it was going to be a regular part of my health and wellness routine. Treat yourself and find out why a back and shoulder/neck massage is the best way to cure whatever ails you.